New World Monkes

A Solana Monkey Business Homage Project

We bring your Monke to life through beautiful art.

What is New World Monkes?

We're a collection of 5000 Monkes on the Solana blockchain that have a 1-to-1 DNA with Solana Monkey Business.

We know how much SMB owners treasure their Monke, so, we're bringing them to life in a new artistic expression.

Why should I mint?

Mint a New World Monke if you love our art and our artist, @onismiki. If you're a current SMB owner, we hope our version of your Monke brings you joy!

They look quite good on a large canvas, hoodie, mug and more.

What do I get?

Full Rights

You own the NFT, you own the Monke

300 dpi

Image Resolution
( Great for Print )


Size in Pixels ( Downloadable Separately )

Transparent Bg

Your NFT will have the original SMB background, but we'll also offer a transparent one for other uses

What are People Saying?

Here are some tweets from the Monkes. These are by no means endorsements.

Artist Corner

Explore New World Monkes from our Artist's eyes ( and hands ).

Hand drawn digitally within Procreate with various pencil tools to mimic hand to paper technique.  Colors are layered with shading and highlights give Monkes a semi-realistic look, while keeping it cute.


Who is the Artist?
Our artist is @onismiki
What is the total supply for New World Monkes?
Where's your Roadmap? What's the Utility?
We are purely an art collectible. There is no Roadmap or Utility for holding a New World Monke.
Are you affiliated with Solana Monkey Business or MonkeDAO?
No. We have no affiliation with either entities.

We just have a lot of fans from both SMB owners / MonkeDAO members.
How many traits are there?
Over 100+ ( Same DNA as Solana Monkey Business )
Do I own the Monke after purchase?
Yes, you have all rights to the NFT you own.
Where can I buy or sell my NWM?
What's the royalty % set as?
We have set the royalties to 5%.